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The Glow In Freezing Winds
12.12.2023 - 29.02.2024
BURO ALL DESIGN x Generative Gallery

The Glow In Freezing Winds

BURO ALL DESIGN x Generative Gallery

12.12.2023 - 29.02.2024
x Digital Art
On December 12, BURO ALL DESIGN opened an exhibition of digital art - The Glow In Freezing Winds, curated by Generative Gallery, uniting the works of artists Kristina Sidorova, Evgenia Shabunina (ejaneress), Yar Kirsanov, monolesan and Andrey Maksimov (inv4r3d), reflecting on their impressions of the enchanting , a fascinating, dangerous and vibrant winter season.

As part of the opening, the architectural and design bureau BURO ALL DESIGN announced the launch of the much-anticipated direction of integrating digital art into the interior, allowing the creation of unique spaces that combine traditional architectural elements and the most advanced technologies.

In recent years, digital art has become an important part of the modern cultural landscape. Thanks to the opportunities that have opened up, artists and designers will create unique works that will harmoniously combine with the surrounding space and architectural design.

This new direction at BURO ALL DESIGN will include the development of bespoke projects in which digital artworks are integrated with architecture and interior design, creating a unique space that meets the highest requirements and preferences of the client.

By creating a new niche, BURO ALL DESIGN architects and designers will reach a new level, attracting more and more attention to their projects. After all, now they will be able to offer their clients not only traditional solutions, but also something completely new that will reflect the spirit of the times and respond to the needs of modern society.
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