Design of the vernissage of the exhibition "Falconier. Architecture of Light" at the A.V. Shchusev Museum of Architecture
BURO ALL DESIGN & A.V. Shchusev Museum of Architecture
The concept of the floral design of the exhibition at the Museum of Architecture was developed by a team led by the founder of BURO ALL DESIGN, Elena Antonova. It was decided to use a transparent film, which, due to the refraction of light rays, seems to change color, which allowed the designers to organically combine the floral compositions with the main theme of the exhibition.

«We were faced with a difficult task: to create compositions that would not overload the space, but at the same time, would accentuate the color scheme of the main «heroes» of the exhibition—Falconier glass bricks. Transparent paper «Chameleon» allowed us to create a natural refraction of light. Depending on which side a person looked at our composition, he saw different colors. The accent point was the window, inside of which we managed to create a rainbow print using eucalyptus and colored paper. Snow-white proteas added lightness to the compositions and, due to their color, were associated with the beginning, the opening of the exhibition» noted Elena Antonova.

Exhibition «Falconnier. Architecture of Light» runs in the «Ruin» wing of the Museum of Architecture until August 20, 2023.
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