Architecture and design studio BURO ALL DESIGN is engaged in the creation of private and public facilities and premium design in Russia, the USA, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. To date, the portfolio of the company, operating since 2014, includes more than 12 completed projects, including country houses, villas, apartments, sports clubs in different cities of the world (Moscow, Geneva, Cannes, Dubai, Los Angeles).
and our philosophy
  • We see our main task in creating a unique atmosphere, enveloping and inimitable, reflecting the individuality and lifestyle of the customer, as well as a functional space in which every centimeter of space works.
  • Our projects are like a tailored suit: we do not work according to a template, but we start from the «idea of your living», from the rhythm and way of life, activities, leisure, step-by-step movement and stay in the house, daily habits and hobbies, housekeeping, everyday behavior and much more. With the help of a special questionnaire and long personal communication, we study these nuances even before creating a preliminary design, be sure to take into account plans for the use of the building (at least in the future for 15 years), which allows us to think through a space where all the desires and needs of a person will be satisfied «instinctively».
  • Our principle is «happy customer». We know how to make sure that clients enjoy the process of building their dream home, and we take responsibility for solving any problems that arise during the design and construction process.
  • We work in the premium segment of goods and services, which means that we cooperate with the world's best manufacturers, factories and studios and guarantee the highest quality of materials and technologies, items and solutions, even by the standards of the most demanding customers.
  • We focus on planning solutions with a careful and most thoughtful organization of "logistics" flows and the functional purpose of each space. For example, in a residential building where staff work and live, all processes will be structured in such a way that it will seem as if everything happens by itself, with the wave of a hand.
  • We are well acquainted with the peculiarities of construction legislation, standards, regulations and standards in different countries. And we can say with confidence that we are able to make any dream come true, even the most difficult one, where, at first glance, it seems impossible.
  • As a millimeter draftsman or jeweler, we believe that there are no small or insignificant details. We work out every detail - be it the placement of works of art or objects dear to the heart, anti-vandal coatings or allergy-causing materials, arrangement of laundry rooms or storage of seasonal items - all elements of your home and interior will be taken into account and worked out at the level of the design project.
  • Our strength is in a team of professionals who are in love with their work, and unanimous in striving for the ideal.
  • We believe that nature is an integral part of the project, and the garden is an organic extension of the house. And by creating turnkey projects, we also offer comprehensive solutions for the spatial composition of not only the house, but also the garden
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